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Streamlined appearance design, beautiful and generous; ◆ Lightweight, flexible and easy to operate; ◆ 1.7" color LCD display, the waveform and parameters are clear at a glance; ◆ Unique blood oxygen algorithm technology, fast, accurate and stable measurement; super anti-sport interference ability; ◆ Use conventional rechargeable batteries, with independent charging stand, support long-term continuous work; ◆ Large-capacity storage function, easily store hundreds of patient data; ◆ It can communicate with the computer and transfer the stored data to the computer for analysis and printing; ◆ Suitable for adults, children, newborns; ◆ It is widely used in operating rooms, ICU, CCU, clinical departments, outpatient clinics, emergency departments, wards and rehabilitation and health care institutions, home care, patient transportation, etc.

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