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Orthopedic Traction Frame (HUIFENG MEDICAL)

Traction Frame Length 1860mm Traction Frame Width 530mm Traction Frame Height ≤860mm Lifting range ≥320mm Traction range ≥200mm Foot Plate Traction range ≥200mm Knee Crutch Lowest Elevation ≤900mm Traction range:rotation(up&down) 120° Horizontal evagination of boby frame ≥180° FEATURES 1006 orthopedic traction can be used with various types of operating table, mainly used for lower limb orthopedics surgery. Orthopedic traction controlled manually, adjust the position by knobs and crank handles in order to make sure that patient can be operated by the lateral position and supine and other position. In case of any question, we therefore kindly ask you to contact aftersales service personnel or distributor. This operating manual is to be read and observed by any person using or handle this operating table. In addition to some accident, we obtest users to be familiar with the usages and the points of attention. This operating manual includes introduction about the symbols and safety instructions. You can see the description, instruction and maintenance about our product in the followed pages. And some technical data and information about the product.

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