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B-Scan Ultrasound Probes: 10MHz B-Scan Probe; new 20MHz B-Scan Probe Axial Resolution: 10MHz: ≤0.1mm; 20MHz: ≤0.08mm Lateral Resolution: 10MHz: ≤0.2mm; 20MHz: ≤0.15mm Scan Depth: 10MHz: 28mm-60mm; 20MHz: 19mm-40mm Scanning Angle: 53° Dynamic Loop: 10s/100 images, loop or frame-by-frame playback Image Saving: 100 images Gray Scale: 256 Levels Gain: 1-105dB adjustable TGC: -20dB to 20dB with dynamic range, manual sectional adjustment (6-section adjustable) Post-processing: Frame-Averaging; Pseudo-Color Codes; Gamma Correction; Text Annotation & Image Magnification A-Scan Ultrasound Probe: 10MHz with Fixation Red Light AL Biometric Measuring Range: Axial Length (AL): 15mm-40mm; AL Biometric Measuring Accuracy: No more than ±0.05mm; Total Gain: 98dB, user’s gain adjustability: 1~60dB; Measuring Mode: 5 groups (Normal, Aphakic, Special, Cataract and Manual Measurement); Measuring Method: Immersion/Contact; IOL calculation: SRK-T, SRK-II, BINK-II, HOLLADAY, HOFFER-Q and HAIGIS; Support IOL calculation after refractive surgery, two groups of formulas can be calculated contrastively and displayed simultaneously. Automatic measurement and 10 groups averaging and display standard deviation. Up to 8 groups of IOL constants can be stored. General User Interface: monitor, keyboard, mouse, touch screen and footswitch; Monitor: resolution≥1024×768, gray scale≥256; Keyboard and Mouse: USB interface, wireless keyboard and mouse; Output Interface: 4×USB2.0 and HDMI interface; Net Weight: 5.5kg; Size: 34cm x 31cm x8cm.

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