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Fully Automatic Urine Analyzer (BIOEVOPEAK CHINA)

Performance: 1. Super LCD monitor 2. Adopt a luminescence source with high brightness to minimize interference of the environmental light. 3. The color and limpidness can be input 4. Date and patient number can be input. 5. Single test and continuous test are available 6. The data can be saved automatically. Test items: 1. PH, Nitrite, Protein 2. Glucose, occult blood, bilirubin 3. Urobilinogen, ketone 4. Specific gravity, Leukocytes 5. Ascorbic Acid Model UA-A3-240 Test Speed 240 strips/hour(15 seconds/strip) On Board Sample Capacity 5 racks of 10 tubes (50 samples) Sample Volume Minimum volume: 3mL Aspiration Volume Less than 1mL Test Principle Photoelectric colorimetric method Test Parameters Urobilinogen(URO), Bilirubin(BIL), Ketone (KET), Blood (BLD), Protein (PRO), Nitrite (NIT), Leukocytes(LEU), Glucose(GLU), Specific Gravity(SG), PH(pH), Ascorbic Acid(VC), Microalbumin(MAL), Creatinine(CRE), Calcium(CAL) Data Storage Capacity 20,000 External Output RS-232 Electricity AC 220V, 50Hz Power 300VA Fuse 250V 2A Environment Temperature:15° C ~ 35° C Optimum temperature: 20° C~25° C Relative humidity:≤75%

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