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Illuminance(Lux) ≥140,000lux/≥160,000lux Color temperature 3500±300K,4000±300K,4500±300K,5000±300K Colour reduction index(Ra) 96 Colour reduction index R9:97 Colour reduction index R13:98 Total irradiance 380W/㎡/380W/㎡ Size of light field 120-250mm Service life of illuminant ≥50,000h Power supply voltage AC110-240V,50/60Hz Best height of installation 2900mm Total Power Consumption 90W Total LED bulb quantity 187pcs Green ENDO YES Dimming Type Analog dimming Depth Of Illuminance 1000mm Light Focus adjustment System Manual Terperature at surgeon's head ≤ 1°C Color White+dark gray LED brand OSRAM Material aluminium alloy+PC FEATURES Precise dimming control for various lighting request: With 16-stage illuminance adjustment, 4-stage color temperature adjustment, 16-stage spot size adjustment by electrical control, endo mode, R9 mode. Unique maintenance room for quick and easy maintenance: The innovative design of photoelectric separation keeps the circuit board way from heat sources. It increases the services life time, also improves the simplicity, economy and timeliness of the maintenance. What’s more, the control box can also be easily opened and maintained. With removable, sterilizable handle: The removable, sterilizable center handle makes it easy for doctors and nurses to control the direction and depth of the light. Aluminum alloy precision casting modular design with flexible combination and durability: The modular lamp boby is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the peripheral auxiliary handle can help the user with accurately position. Superior laminar flow design: The streamlined lamp body design and careful assembly can increase the flow efficiency of the airflow and remove the dust and bacteria around the lamp body. Original thermal management system to effectively reduce the temperature of chip core: The cast high-heat-conducting aluminum alloy radiator increases the internal heat-dissipation area, which can instantly derive heat, and with high-efficiency LED bulbs, allow to effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp and improve the service life of the lamp. High-density light mixing system makes for precise, handy dimming: Using Hfmed’s special high-density light mixing technology, it provides high brightness with great quality, and it’s with 16-stage illuminance adjustment form 40,000lux to 160,000lux and 4-stage color temperature adjustment from 3500K to 5000K.

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