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◆ 12.1" color TFT liquid crystal display, brightness can be adjusted digitally; ◆ Unique front attachment interface design, convenient for doctors to operate and use; ◆ The handle design with a hook makes it convenient to use the monitor during the transfer process; ◆ Low power consumption and fanless design, effectively reducing machine noise; ◆ Built-in high-energy lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which makes the monitor have stronger battery life; ◆ The pop-up menu cooperates with the jog shuttle operation to make the operation easy and convenient; ◆ Support signal interfaces such as USB, VGA display, RJ45 network port, ECG synchronous output; ◆ The internationalized operation interface supports up to 15 languages to choose from; ◆ Support 5-lead or 12-lead ECG, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, RESP, ETCO2, IBP, CO and other parameters; ◆ Support the international standard HL7 protocol, which facilitates the interconnection between the monitor and other equipment; ◆ Support the central monitoring system of wired and wireless hybrid mode.

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