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Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Microprocessor-controlled system designed for the controlled rage of -86℃ to -40℃ for cabinet space with 1℃ increment. Settable high-temperature and low-temperature alarms. Automatic clean-filter alarm and sensor error alert. Adjustable storage shelf height. Optional temperature recorder, storage racks and storage box. Double security with two independent cooling system, when one system breakdown, the other system could maintain the inner temperature at -70℃. (Only for P series) Safety Multifunction alarms including high and low temperature, power failure, sensor error, clean-filter, and extremely high ambient, abnormal voltage, thermostat failure, low battery, condenser clean, door ajar. Capable of producing two types of alarm outputs, audible buzzer and visible flashing light. Door open feature standard and USB port for temperature date downloading standard on upright models. Remote alarm contacts. Installation and Application Wide rage operating voltage system from 187V to 242V designed to allow units installed in areas with poor voltage condition. Suitable for 10℃ to 32℃ ambient temperature. Filed Proven Reliability Unique insulated inner door design for several separate storage compartments to minimize frost buildup inside the chamber. Specialized control system design for a well-balanced operation of self-cascade refrigeration system. Positive filed proven reliability record. Energy Saving Unique door seal design for the minimum loss of cold temperature during a door opening. High performance VIP insulation panels to minimize cabinet heat gain and to improve temperature stability. HC Refrigerant with better efficient & less energy cost, good for environment.

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