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Single Arm Anesthesia Pendant (HUIFENG MEDICAL)

Technical Parameters HFP-DD240/380 single arm anesthesia pendant Arm rotating radius 800mm+800mm Arm rotating angle 340° Braking system friction brake Maximum load capacity 120kg Standard configuration 1 oxygen(O2) 1 air 1 suction(Vac) 1 jet exhaust emission(AGSS) 6*10A power outlets 1 network socket 1 grounding terminal 1 Column length L=1000mm 1 Guideway extension arm(240*240mm) Annex 2 pallets 1 drawer 1 infusion stand FEATURES Multi-area application: operating room, emergency room, intensive care unit, recovery room can be used. Rotating and adjusting the position: The installation adopts the ceiling suspension method, which can be rotated within a range of 340° to accurately adjust the position of the terminal box. The height of the equipment makes the medical staff within reach and handy. Imported aluminum alloy: The pendant cantilever is formed by one-time extrusion of imported aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with primary oxidation and rust prevention. Optional brake: Optional friction brake or pneumatic brake, using German standard gas terminal (plugging and unplugging 20,000 times) . Gas outlets and interface can be selected by yourself:Different types of adaptors for customers to choose from.German/British/American/Australian Standard. Stainless steel infusion suspender:Suspensible infusion bag(bottle)or pump.Provide multiple canfigure,make you satisfy. Electrical Sockets:Different types of adaptors for customers to choose from.Friction brake+ Pneumatic brake,adopted by German Standard Gas terminal(Insert and Pull more than 20,000 times).

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