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Technical Parameters HF-350C Ambient temp. range 5℃-40℃ Relative Humidity Range ≤80 Atmospheric Pressure Range 86.0-106.0kpa Power 220V±22v,50Hz±1 Operating Freq 330-460kHz Rated power 1100VA±10% Type CF Power Consumption ≤1100VA (Cut function 400) Transportation and Storage a)Ambient Temp. Range 40℃-55℃ b)Relative Humidity ≤95% c)Atmospheric Pressure 500hpa-1060hpa Power output 400W Six output mode 1.cut 2.Blend 1 3.Blend 2 4.Electro Coag 1 5.Electro Coag 2 6.Bipolar Coagulation Output Rating a)Cut 1W-400W (Load 500Ω) b)Blend 1 1W-200W (Load 500Ω) c)Blend 2 1W-120W (Load 500Ω) d)Electro Coag 1 1W-150W (Load 500Ω) e)Electro Coag 2 1W-80W (Load 500Ω) f)Bipolar Coagulation 1W-70W (Load 500Ω) FEATURES Patient plate cable: Main unit has autmatic monitoring function and mistake indication function. Ordinary double foot switch: Owns memory function, reserves the last time used data. High definition large LED indication. Disinfection hand control knife: Can cut underwater, including organic cut in rich fat area. Automatically adjust power output for different body tissue impedances to ensure optimal cutting and coagulation effects.

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