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Technical Parameters 700mm head/500mm head Illuminance(Lux) ≥160,000lux/≥140,000lux Color temperature 3800±500K,4400±500K,5000±500K Ultraviolet light irradiance within40nm wave 0.3W/M2,0.4W/M2 50% Spot Diameter (D50) 55%/51% 10%Spot Diameter (D10) 291 mm/268 mm Depth Of Illuminance 1400mm The adjusting range of Illumination% 25~100% Light Focus adjustment System Manual Terperature at surgeon's head ≤ 1°C CRI RA 93 Total Power Consumption 80W/60W Service life of illuminant 50,000h Battery optional Total irradiance 544W/㎡ 534W/㎡ Size og light field 250-330mm Power supply voltage AC110-240V 50/60Hz Best height of installation 2900mm Total LED bulb quantity 108pcs/72pcs FEATURES Use in multiple areas:Purifying laminar flow operating room, mainly applicable to surgeries. Color temperature adjusted:Through reliable beam synthesis control technology, the color temperature can be adjusted between 3800K-5000K under the condition of ensuring the color rendering index of 93. Achieve ideal tissue contrast and resolution. Illumination adjustable:The illuminance of 700LED is 140,000Lux, and the illuminance of 500LED is 120,000Lux. 8 different illumination modes to adjust. Useful to many different surgery needs. High quality material selection:The balance arm is an imported arm, very durable.The lamp cap shell is made of aluminum alloy with good heat dissipation performance. Removeable handles:Easy to remove and sterilize for reuse. Controls the direction and depth of the light. long bulb life:All made of German Osram, more than 10 years using life. Multiple control panels to choose from:A number of functions can be adjusted, easy to use Endoscope adjustable:Quickly switch from the general lighting mode,Does not interfere with the physician's career and observation of the tissue during endoscopic surgery. Low energy consumption:The power consumption of our lamp head only needs 80w+60w. Good shadowless effect:Each bulb in each group has no gaps and each bulb is independent.

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