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Tabletop Length 2010mm Tabletop Width 500mm Elevation(up/down) 760mm/1010mm Trendelenburg 22° Reverse trendelenburg 22° Lateral Tilt 20°/20° Heat Plate(up/down) 60°/70° Leg Plate(up/down) 85°/90° Back Plate(up/down) 75°/15° FEATURES Plus 110mm for the kidney bridge up: The main body position adjustment of the table lifting, front and rear, and right deviation is realized by imported electric push rod transmission, tabletop can be optional available. cm thickness high elastic sponge: High density and high elasticity sponge is soft and comfortable, supporting force springback is fast, and long-team use is not easy to deform. Tabletop can be available. Optional、Free dismantling of the foot: For the convenience of operation, the foot plate can be disassembled at will, making the operation more convenient and safer. Knee Crutches: Fixed on both sides, support correctly, keep legs comfortable and convenient for operation.

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