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Fetal Maternal Monitor (GENERAL MEDITECH INC)

◆ Beautiful shape design, flexible display viewing angle adjustment, convenient and easy to use; ◆ 12.1" high-definition color LCD screen, display fetal heart rate curve and parameter data; ◆ Built-in high-energy lithium-ion rechargeable battery, making the machine more durable; ◆ The pop-up menu cooperates with the jog shuttle operation to make the operation easy and convenient; ◆ With 150mm wide line recording function, real-time recording of monitoring curves; ◆ It can monitor fetal heart rate, uterine contraction pressure, fetal movement and fetal activity curve; ◆ There are three display modes: fetal mode, maternal fetal mode, and mother mode; ◆ Manual/automatic fetal movement can be counted and displayed on the screen; ◆ Support USB, VGA display, RJ45 network port and other signal interfaces; ◆ With network communication function, wireless and wired hybrid networking function; ◆ With cart and bracket solutions.

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