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Anaesthesia Monitor (GENERAL MEDITECH INC)

With four standard anesthesia depth indexes of CSI, EMG, BS and SQI, it can be expanded to select six vital signs, CO2, 2-way invasive blood pressure, etc.; it can be combined with general anesthesia surgery monitor equipment and anesthesia depth monitoring equipment Two for one ◆ 15" color TFT LCD display, high brightness, wide viewing angle; ◆ With flexible accessory configuration, conventional ECG electrode pads can be used to reduce the consumption of hospital departments to zero; ◆ The anti-electrosurgical algorithm software with patented technology ensures the superior anti-aliasing ability of the equipment; ◆ Danmit EEG monitoring technology, nearly 30 years of clinical application experience, meets the needs of clinical application; ◆ It has the function of marking anesthesia events during the anesthesia process, such as: induction, intubation, drug delivery, movement, maintenance, etc.; ◆ According to the specific configuration of the operating room, a suitable anesthesia machine support or a mobile support that is convenient for conversion in the operating room can be provided

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